Herstal Security Agency, Inc. was registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission on December 27, 2007, as a 100% Filipino Stock Corporation. The Chief Operating Officer (President & Security Director) is MR. RODRIGO B. AGOJO, a retired Senior Police Superintendent.

The Herstal Security Agency, Inc. was organized in pursuit of the dream of retired police officers to engage in a venture where past experience and expertise could be brought to fore. With the extensive experience of the incorporators in police work and their vast network of businessmen-friends, the owners of Herstal are confident that Herstal will be a success. This hope is further strengthened by the results of financial analyses that show Herstal to be a profitable venture.

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Head Office Address:
Lot 9, Block 7-A Doña Soledad Ave.
Better Living Subd., Don Bosco Parañaque City
Telefax No.:(02) 828-9125
Tel. No.:(02) 846-0899
Email Address:hr@herstal.com.ph